Ace Nutrition Diet Counselling

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Michelle Deschenes
Registered Dietary Technologist

Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight
Tailor Made Diet
We'll do an analysis of your daily food intake and eating habits. “Your Healthy Diet” will be tailor-made using your food preferences and dietary restrictions.
Plan for Success
With a personalized dietary plan and individual counselling you will see results. You will feel confident with your weight loss and your plan to succeed in your nutritional goal.
Achievable Goal
Using the SMART method and the ACE Nutrition tools you will realize the results that you dreamed of whether it be a long or short - termed goal.

Diabetes Education / Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management
Diet Counselling
Diabetics will feel good about their future when blood sugar levels are kept under control with the help of diet counselling by ACE Nutrition.
Carbohydrate Counting
You'll have it figured out in one short session. How many carbohydrates per meal or food item are you consuming? ACE Nutrition will provide you with one-on-one education of the values of the foods you eat.
Label Reading
Learn how to read the “fine print” and decipher the facts. Determine which foods have the best nutritional value.

Health Concerns

Gluten Intolerance
Gluten Intolerance
Do you have gluten intolerance and would like further tips on healthy eating? Learn what to avoid and how to eat for optimal nutrition. Make an appointment with ACE Nutrition and get informed about the benefits of a gluten-free diet today.
Healthy Heart
Have you been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease? ACE Nutrition will help you get back on the road to good health with a tailor-made dietary plan.
Support for Bariatric Clients
You have made the important decision of bariatric surgery and keeping on track is challenging. ACE Nutrition can help with on-going nutrition counselling and support.

  • Initial, 90 min - $105
  • Follow-Up, 30 min - $65
  • Check-In, 15 min - $35
Fees include HST

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