Preparing For Your First Appointment


What to Do:

  • Check to see whether your employee benefits cover the cost of speech therapy, and whether there are any conditions that must be met.
  • If your child is a late talker, keep a list of words that your child is saying.
  • Make a list of questions you have for me.
  • Don’t tell your child that he or she is going to see a “speech doctor” or to expect to be tested. Instead, tell them that they’re going to do some work and then play with some toys.


What to Bring:

  • A snack for your child.
  • A toy from home that your child is excited to show us or tell us about.
  • A copy of any previous speech reports or notes.
  • Any other written information you think may be helpful, such as recent report cards, a sample of current schoolwork and/or reports completed by other professionals.
  • Your completed copy of the client history form, if you’ve filled it out ahead of time.
  • A list of your child’s favourite games, activities, and characters.
  • A list of any games or activities your child strongly dislikes.