Lidcombe Therapy For Stuttering


What Is Lidcombe Therapy For Stuttering?

Lidcombe therapy uses a parent-focused approach, where your Speech Language Pathologist will instruct you on how to provide approximately 10 minutes per day of play-based therapy to your child in your home. You will learn strategies to help your child speak without stuttering, by using specific ways of commenting and responding. Lidcombe uses play activities that your child enjoys, to ensure that he or she has fun and remains engaged.

Severity Ratings

You will learn how to rate your child’s stuttering using severity ratings on a daily basis, by utilizing a scale of 1 (where there is no stuttering) to 10 (where stuttering is severe).

Stage One

During the first stage, you will complete the home activities each day as well as visit your Speech Language Pathologist once a week for a 45 minute appointment. Your child will remain in stage one until his or her severity ratings are reduced to 1 (or occasionally 2) for four consecrative weeks. The length of time that this will take depends on your child – some children only take a few weeks to progress to stage two while others may take up to 30.

Stage Two

Stage two consists of 12 to 15 appointments, which take place every second week, then every third week, etc. until your child has completed the program. It is very important to complete both stages, to ensure that your child receives the full benefit of Lidcombe therapy. In total, children may require up to 40 or more sessions while undergoing this type of therapy.

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