Please note that we may require an assessment before we can proceed with speech therapy. Generally speaking, we are happy to work from a prior or recent applicable assessment in order to proceed to treatment as quickly as possible. The best way for us to determine how to move forward with the most appropriate speech and language goals for your child is to schedule an initial visit. At this first session you can meet with our Speech Language Pathologist. Karen will then discuss your needs and goals with you, leading to a recommendation for an assessment or directly to therapy.

Treatment Fees

Initial Visit

$150. This fee represents approximately one hour of direct client contact, and approximately 30 minutes of post-appointment calculation and consolidation of results. Treatment goals and further recommendations for referrals will be discussed prior to the conclusion of the appointment. A written report is available for an additional $75.

Direct Therapy

Therapy sessions are typically 30 to 60 minutes in length, with rates as follows:

  • $65 for a 30 minute session
  • $90 for a 45 minute session
  • $120 for an hour long session
Appointments Outside Of The Office

Generally speaking, therapy sessions will occur at the office. If there are other, out-of-office meetings that require the attendance of Karen Morgan, rates for travel time and the meeting will be discussed in advance.

Payment Methods Accepted

Payment can be made by cash, debit, credit or interac e-transfer at the end of each session. A receipt for services rendered will be issued with each payment.

Many employee benefit packages include reimbursement for partial or full costs of services provided by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist. Parents are asked to pay for services directly, and maintain their receipts for reimbursement with their insurance company.