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Craving Change?

Love/Hate Relationship With Your Food?
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The SMART Approach:

How many times have you tried a new diet plan, or exercise routine and after a couple of days it goes by the wayside? We all start out with good intentions, but do you end up with the results that you were hoping for?

The SMART Approach will help you reach your goal and keep you on track:

  • S — Your goal should be SPECIFIC. The goal must be clear, concise and well-defined.
  • M — Your goal must be MEASURABLE. You need to have a way to measure your progress and success in achieving your goal.
  • A — Your goal should be ATTAINABLE. Of course you will be challenged to reach your goal, but with dedication the goal should be achievable.
  • R — Your goal must be REALISTIC. Be honest and reasonable about your expectations so that you will remain committed and focused on success.
  • T — Your goal must be TIME-BOUND. You will need to set a timeframe with a clearly defined deadline.

ACE Nutrition will help you determine a realistic, attainable, time-sensitive goal that is tailor-made for your specific personal needs. ACE Nutrition will ensure that you have the tools that you need to succeed.

The SMART Approach as featured in Management Review (1981) by George T. Doran

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