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Michelle Deschenes
Registered Dietary Technologist

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Diet Counselling
Diet Counselling
  • ACE Nutrition will develop a customized dietary plan using the ACE Tracker and the SMART methodology to ensure that you achieve your goals. You will be provided with all the tools you need to be the best you and achieve the results you've dreamed of.
  • We'll do an analysis of your daily food intake and eating habits. "Your Healthy Diet" will be tailor-made using your food preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • We all want to be happy and healthy! You may have personal health challenges such as diabetes, celiac disease or recent bariatric surgery. Or you may want to lose weight. ACE Nutrition will develop a personalized, clear and concise plan so you will be able to reach your goal and "Feel Good About Your Future".
  • Achievable
  • Tailor-Made Plan
  • Personalized Goal Setting

ACE Nutrition will develop a personalized, tailor-made plan based upon your food preferences to suit your dietary needs. You may have some dietary restrictions such as gluten or cholesterol. You may have food intolerances, or concerns such as diabetes, heart health, or optimizing nutrition due to cancer or a bariatric procedure. ACE Nutrition will help you solve your daily challenges.

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The Best You
Personal Diet Plan
  • Your nutritional plan will be tailor-made to be achievable, successful and sustainable. There will be no fad diets, no more Yo-Yo weight loss and weight gain.
  • ACE Nutrition will ensure that you are provided with the tools and information that you need for continued success. Michelle Deschenes, Registered Dietary Technologist, provides individual counselling sessions for a variety of nutritional needs ie. Gluten-restricted diets, Heart Healthy diets, Diabetes Education . You will also receive on-going support and education for your tailor-made weight loss program.
  • Our goal is your optimum health and happiness. "Your Healthy Diet" will put you on the right path to feel good about yourself now and in the future. For specific health concerns related to Diabetes Education, Gluten-Free diets, or Heart Healthy lifestyle, you will receive professional advice and counselling from a Registered Dietary Technologist. With a tailor-made healthy weight plan and ongoing nutritional support you will achieve the end results that you desire.
  • Sustainable
  • Diet Counselling & Support
  • Successful

ACE Nutrition specializes in diet counselling for weight loss. Together we will set achievable goals and plan for your success. ACE Nutrition will ensure you have the tools that you need. ACE Nutrition will provide nutritional guidance, coaching and on-going support. You will feel good about your future.

Learn Well

Online Course
Online Course
  • Debunk Dr. Google’s food fads. Embrace real nutrition from real food. Learn menu planning tips for your busy life. Develop the skills required to make the best nutrition decisions for your optimal health.
  • Experiencing bloating, gastric discomfort, stomach problems, digestive issues or IBS? Learn strategies to manage digestive conditions and live a healthier life. Prevent digestive issues, manage symptoms, and marvel at how good you feel.
  • Develop a better understanding of your individual needs. Do a deep-dive in the science of food. Discover how nutrients function in your body and how to optimize your nutrition and health.
  • End Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Optimize Your Health
  • Feel Amazing & Energized

Nutrition for Life ↗   is an online course that is formulated by combining science and knowledge and converting it into tools and a step-by-step method to help you achieve your goals. If you desire weight-loss without deprivation, and you love food like I do, this course is for you. You will improve your inflammation, heart health, digestive health, and feel amazing and energized.

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