• Welcome to Spark Talk Speech Therapy

    We’re here to help your child reach his or her full communication potential. We can assess your child’s speech and language skills and provide customized therapy plans to address your child’s communication needs. Conviently located in the heart of Kingston, Ontario, we are here to help your child find his or her voice. Read More

  • Our Services

    A few ways we can help:
    • Pronunciation Difficulties

      A speech assessment will determine if your child is on track, or if extra help is needed for a speech sound delay.

    • Late-to-Talk Toddlers

      Early intervention is key for toddlers who are late-talkers. We can help you set your child up for success.

    • Receptive & Expressive Language

      If language testing shows that your child is struggling, customized therapy can help bridge the gap.

  • What's New

    Here are some things we've been thinking about this week:
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